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Ole Na

Artist Bio

I started to paint, when I was a child. When I was 7, I started my study at the art-musical school. I graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk State University. I live and work in Dnipro, Ukraine. I continue to draw. I like to draw to the music. I try to convey the beauty of music through a variety of colors. I draw original paintings, where the main focus is the color. My paintings are not like the classics that we are used to seeing in museums. But I’m sure my works can make a fresh and bright accent to your space. I make original contemporary paintings. I like Abstract and Art Deco. It’s interesting for me to mix styles, techniques, textures, I suppose, this’s future of the Art. I love color, I believe it’s magic. I try to focus on the colors. I hope people can see it.

Artist Statement

My favorite style is abstraction. I suppose that story / genre paintings are created for museums, and abstractions are for you and your life space. This does not tire you, and every time you can see something new in the painting, it depends only on you, on your mood, your art vision. I’ve had cases when I drew my abstract plot, and my clients saw theirs. And this is great!